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List of mods and commands for Washington and Russia servers.

Servers have following workshop mods (37 MB): 2804477555, 2873139700, 2912982415, 2939358201, 2309977886

Commands (26):

This page.
Economy page.
Home page.
Discord server.
Server voting website.
Claim your vote reward.
/whisper [player] [message]
/w [player] [message]
/msg [player] [message]
/pm [player] [message]
/dm [player] [message]
Direct message a player ingame.
/reply [message]
/r [message]
Reply to last player messaged.
Show how much credit you have.
/pay [player] [amount]
/pa [player] [amount]
Send credit to player.
/sell [item] (amount)
/s [item] (amount)
Sell an item.
/cost (v) [id]
/c (v) [id]
Check the cost of an item or a vehicle.
/buy (v.)[id] (amount)
/b (v.)[id] (amount)
/give (v.)[id] (amount)
/i (v.)[id] (amount)
/item (v.)[id] (amount)
Buy an item or a vehicle.
/exchange [amount] (money)
/exc [amount] (money)
Turn experience into credit and vice versa.
/sellbox Sell your items through virtual storage.
/vault (container)
/locker (container)
Open your virtual private storage.
/home Teleport to your claimed bed.
/tpa [player]
/tpa [cancel/accept/deny]
/tpa [c/a/d]
Send teleport request to player.
/kits Show what kits you have access to.
/kit [kit] Claim a kit that you have.
/ad Spawn a random airdrop somewhere on the map.
Discord rank required.
See top 10 richest players.
Discord rank required.
/! (player) Heal yourself or player.
Overlord rank required.
/a [item] Forcefully set attachment.
Angel of death rank required.
See blacklist.
/f [mode] Forcefully set fire mode.
Angel of death rank required.

[argument] - required
(argument) - optional
argument - specific

Server ranks (9):

Discord Apply on #discord-application.
Overlord Reach 100,000 reputation.
Emperor Reach 50,000 reputation.
Leader Reach 10,000 reputation.
Saint Reach 1,000 reputation.
Murderer Reach -1,000 reputation.
Terrorist Reach -10,000 reputation.
Soul devourer Reach -50,000 reputation.
Angel of death Reach -100,000 reputation.

Ranks received on one server will be synchronized across all our servers.
Once a reputation rank is received (without cheating), it will not be taken away if the requirements are no longer met.
It's possible to have every rank and their features at once provided you completed their requirements at some moment in time.

Server kits (12):

CrazyFarmer Available to everyone.
Cooldown: 5 hours
AK-47 Discord rank required.
Cooldown: 2 hours
CharacterMeshReplacementTest Discord rank required.
Cooldown: 10 minutes
Discord Discord rank required.
Cooldown: 3 days
MobilityScooter Discord rank required.
Cooldown: 10 days
SeedMaster69 Discord rank required.
Cooldown: 10 hours
Emperor Emperor rank required.
Cooldown: 12 hours
Leader Leader rank required.
Cooldown: 12 hours
Saint Saint rank required.
Cooldown: 6 hours
Murderer Murderer rank required.
Cooldown: 12 hours
Terrorist Terrorist rank required.
Cooldown: 12 hours
SoulDevourer Soul devourer rank required.
Cooldown: 12 hours

In case of a server restart, all active cooldowns are forgotten.

Server vaults (5):

Default Available to everyone.
Typing just /vault will open it automatically.
R100K Overlord or Angel of death rank required.
R50K Emperor or Soul devourer rank required.
R10K Leader or Terrorist rank required.
R1K Saint or Murderer rank required.